Project: Laska Blue Berries

Client: Jarcon Investments

This is a turn key project in collaboration with
1. All for Grapes: Andre Kriel
2. Earth2Sky: Marcell Viljoen
3. Agrico: Roelof le Roux

Laska project: The design and development of 20 ha Blueberries, planted in pots with a shade only structure.
Our biggest challenge of the project was runoff water and drainage. The natural fall was very little and the underground very clayey which meant that underground water could not drain. Large parts of the farm were inaccessible after any rain.
The entire 20Ha is designed so that a constant maximum runoff of 2.65% is achieved. Furthermore, soil is “Lase Finish” to ensure that water runoff and pots are equal.
Drainage was installed as needed and storm water was channeled and piped.
The dam was repaired, exhaust pipe replaced and Hdpe liner installed.